Handcrafted Hoagie Boards

April 10,2014

Take a look at these beautiful, hand-crafted, one of a kind sandwich boards made here at Jonathon Kamps Carpentry.

Jonathon likes to choose wood with character on every project and these pieces were no exception. Each board was made out of a variety of Michigan hardwood, walnut, white oak, soft maple, cherry and red oak. These “Hoagie Boards” each take about one hour to make and are finished with Mineral Oil so the boards last longer and are safe to eat off of.
sandwich boards
The handles on the end of the boards makes them perfect for serving hors d’oeuvres or one gigantic sub sandwich on game day. Don’t worry about extensive sanitizing, the boards can be washed just like cutting boards and won’t get ruined or damaged. Each board was handcrafted to create a beautiful grain, shiny finish and a smooth to the touch finished product.

Email Jonathon for more information on these unique sandwich boards.