Jonathon’s Handcrafted Planting Table

May 19,2014

With gardening season quickly approaching, be sure to acquire all of the tools you’ll need in order to create your dream garden! Check out this customized planting table built and designed by our team here at Jonathon Kamps Carpentry.

Every piece by Jonathon and our team is made with careful thought and detail. The planting table is made with western red cedar for a nice light look. The top is made with galvanized metal that will continue to look cool even when it weathers and scratches. Jonathon purposely kept the natural wood color because it looks good with the metal and the natural wood requires little to no upkeep or maintenance. A great feature of this table is that because the elements are celebrated in their natural states they will not need maintenance like a finish will.

This table fit every desire the customer asked for and much more. The customer ordered this custom-made table just for planting because he enjoys gardening at his home. We also had the luxury of building their home patio in East Grand Rapids where we’ve placed this table in order to cover up pipes and wires from the home.

Email Jonathon for more information on this customized planting table.