A Custom Cabinet Like No Other

June 2,2014

This beautifully made TV cabinet will look great in any living room! Here at Jonathon Kamps Carpentry, we can customize furniture to cater to your home décor.

We were fortunate to get an opportunity to finish such a great piece of furniture like this one. Why? TV cabinets are the centerpieces of every home living room. This gives us a great feeling knowing that someone is allowing us to create such a big feature in his or her home. The sleek and clean lines give this piece a nice fresh look that will go well in just about any home.

We are able to put on any finish desired by the customer either on a new or existing piece in order to fit their needs. However, this cabinet has a very unique finish that our finisher was experimenting with at the time. The finish was painted and glazed with a clear coat to polish it off. Don’t let the picture deceive you! This TV cabinet weighs about 75 pounds with dimensions of 5’ tall, 30” wide.

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