Thinking About Custom Home Remodeling?

July 21,2020

 From Rusty to Luxury


A vibrant, artistic, retired couple who enjoys spending the winter season living in their vacation home in Florida, engaged us to custom remodel their summer home near Muskegon this Spring.


We were on track to deliver their custom home remodel just before they moved back for the summer when the coronavirus began to sweep the nation. Michigan ordered lockdowns that threatened to stop many construction projects, ours included.


This presented us with a challenge. Because we were in the middle of this remodel and our clients were in a vulnerable population, if we were forced to stop construction, they wouldn’t have a place to safely quarantine. In fact, because of the state of the property at the time, there was no way to decontaminate the property and make it safe until we finished the work in process.



We Get the Job Done


If our clients were going to safely quarantine in their West Michigan home, then they needed their full-scale home upgrade completed ASAP. At Jonathon Kamps Carpentry, we care about our clients and treat them like family. We believed that under the state guidelines, and due to the urgent need of our clients to be able to quarantine, we could get the project classified as essential so that we could complete it with as little impact on the community as possible. With the go-ahead on the project, the custom home remodeling project could continue!



The Home Makeover


The couple wanted a clean-cut, modern home that reflected their love for the arts and high design—and a basement. Fortunately, JKC stays on the cutting edge of new materials and new technology so that we can offer our clients the best options possible.


The house was originally built on a slab and near the water. So we raised the house, built a basement addition beneath it, and blocked up to the home. After giving the interior a complete makeover, we redid the exterior as well. 



Leading the Way With Innovative Materials


Our clients worked with us to bring their dream home to life. Intensely creative, they even designed their own (gorgeous) landscape plan. They selected a cutting edge new product for their retaining wall. After vetting its quality, we went ahead with the plastic retaining wall system and it worked amazingly well. The finish resembles wood, but it’s more durable and can better withstand the forces of time and Mother Nature.


Another innovative product we used on this project was a new siding system by ASEC. We worked diligently to understand its specs, train the installers, and partner with the painting contractor to specify the right finishes.


Unfortunately, as sometimes happens when working with new materials, there was a snag.



When There’s a Problem, We Take Care of It


After installing the siding, it became apparent that one of the paint colors wasn’t performing up to our usual standard of fit and finish. We inspected and then investigated. We knew that matching the paint to the new siding required careful attention to specs. It turns out for one of the colors, the paint deviated from spec and had problems adhering completely. 


When you work in construction, problems are a fact of life. You can do everything in your power to deliver a perfect job and, especially when you’re working with new cutting edge materials, things can still go wrong.


What matters most is how you respond when problems happen. Since we’re committed to delivering impeccable results for our clients, once we understood the problem our clients were having, we committed to residing the entire house next spring to fix the error. That way we don’t interrupt their enjoyment of their beautiful, newly remodeled home and our clients get the impeccable results they hired us to deliver.



A Happy Ending


The couple has moved into their gorgeous, remodeled modern home and they are happily and safely living in the home of their dreams in the location they love. Our passion for high-end craftsmanship and bringing people’s dreams to life fuels our love for custom home remodeling.


Are you considering custom home remodeling? Our detailed knowledge guarantees effective results, and our respect for your home guarantees a level of service you’ll appreciate.

Reach out to us today, we’ll work with you to customize a plan that best accommodates you and your family.  Call us at 616-249-8118