From 1887 to Today

April 28,2023

2023 has started with a flurry of activity! JKC began the year with 2 jobs on the docket. The first was finishing the interior trim and putting the final touches on a 136-year-old house in Hudsonville. We had the unique opportunity of lifting the entire existing house up off its original foundation, pouring a basement underneath, and setting the house back down in place. We then added a 1,000-square-foot master suite, office, and mud room off the south side of the house; in the existing house, we re-worked the existing family room and second level, rotated the staircase 90 degrees, and added a beautiful fireplace in between the kitchen and living spaces. Updating this house while also trying to maintain its original character brings along many enjoyable challenges. Being able to incorporate new life into a house with such a rich history brings along a profound sense of joy and accomplishment.




Our second project has been a new build-out on the Muskegon coastline. Due to some initial delays, our original start date was pushed back, however, we were finally able to get things kicked off in November of 2022. The weather aligned perfectly with an unseasonably mild and snowless (for the most part) December which enabled us to get a majority of the framing completed before the snow and cold set in. By the time we got to exterior trims, the snow had begun to fly and the cold made itself felt. While these types of elements tend to slow things down we bundled up and finished the framing and exterior trim at the end of February. We look forward to returning in March to start the trim process and get this project one step closer to a wonderful new house for our customers.



Working on a mixture of old remodel and new build brings an interesting contrast to our projects, each with its own set of obstacles and opportunities. Seeing one old house be rejuvenated while seeing another take shape from the ground up has 2023 off to a great start!





After our bigger remodels and new home build projects we like to have a get-together with the homeowners to celebrate the end of the project. At this gathering, we will bring a charcuterie board with cheese, crackers, and some drinks. 


Along with the charcuterie board we also now offer a custom JKC documents box that includes all spec sheets, blueprints, and manuals that go along with the new or updated home.



We are also offering custom JKC charcuterie boards to others who would also like one!

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