Beautiful Blue

May 31,2024



They say if you don’t like the weather in Michigan… wait five minutes…. This year, that saying has rung very true! JKC kicked off 2024 continuing the complete remodel and addition in Norton Shores. Thankfully, for much of the cold weather we were able to hunker down inside and focus our work on interior framing, replacing subfloor, widening the staircase and a variety of miscellaneous tasks that always seem to come with a remodel. As the weather warmed and the interior of the house reached the point of drywall, we moved our efforts to the outdoors and the exterior of the house.



After much hemming and hawing, we decided that the existing deck did not suit the house anymore so we undertook the job of removing it and re-framing for a new deck that better suited the space aesthetically and practically. Along with the new deck we stripped down all exterior finishes and begun anew with all new trims, soffit, fascia and custom-made decorative corbels to be installed all around the house.




Come mid-March we moved the crew back indoors and set about completing all things interior trim. We had the privilege to build custom everything in this home; bathroom vanities, cabinets, a full kitchen, an entryway desk and closet and even a cool “cottage” playhouse in the basement. As the weather warms back up for good, the team is preparing to once again move to the outdoors and install cedar shake siding on the entirety of the house and garage. This job has had a bit of everything, giving many unique challenges in the process.



On an unseasonably warm week in February the guys caught a window to take a break from the Norton Shores job and frame a 2 story storage barn and “Man Cave” on the Grand Haven lakeshore, and hope to complete this project early summer for our customers to enjoy.



At the beginning of the year JKC added another carpenter to the fold. Tony VanOverloop decided that college was not his calling and asked if he could join our crazy little group here. Tony has been a welcome addition to the team and while has a lot to learn, has done a great job at trying to learn and completing  everything asked of him to the JKC standard.